Ensuring Sharp Images


There’s no use in learning great technique only to take blurry photos.  A nice crisp image makes all the difference between a great photo and a piece of garbage.  Here are few tips to help create sharp photos.  


Using Manual Focus



Developing manual focus skill is essential.  With a live viewfinder, the easiest way to get auto-focus is to zoom in and then adjust the ring until the image is sharp.  


This is best demonstrated here:


A Clean Lens


Keep a lens pen, a towelette, and spray handy.  Smudge and dust can make photos blurry.


Depth of Field


Lower F-stops allow for less focus range (depth of field).  Use a higher F-stop to give yourself a larger area of focus.  


Minimize Movement


Use a tripod with a timer and/or a remote.  Also consider environmental sources of movement like wind and vibrations.

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