Finding Light


Bad light = bad photo.  Good light = good photo.  The following is an overview of some of the best types of light to look for.


Golden Hour Light


One 1 hour before dusk, and one hour after dawn are the two golden hours of each day.  This is when sunlight shines softly on skin and objects while lighting up the sky with great colors.  So time your shootings to take advantage of the golden hour.  


Diffused/Soft Light


Direct sunlight is harsh and exposes all the wrinkles, pimples, and flaws of whatever you’re shooting.  Diffused light is also known as soft light because it’s less harsh and direct.    Photographers often look to clouds, reflections, shade, and windows for this flattering light.




Much like negative space, shadows have the power to define a subject.  They can add drama to an image, or give it physical depth.  They also can double as leading lines, a useful composition trick.  


Dappled Light


This can most often be when the sun shines through tree leaves.  Dappled light paints shadows and light speckles onto a surface.  It’s often used to add drama to a photo, or narrow the focus of a large object to a smaller area.


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