Keeping Your Photography Blades Sharp


No matter how good you think you are, you can always be better. Here's some resources to help you sharpen your skills and keep up with the latest trends.



This site is good for product reviews and industry trends. There's usually a lot of angry crybabies in the comment section, and some of the posts seem to be written for no other reason than to complain.  Overall this is a pretty useful site though.



Peter Mckinnon: Personally I find this guy a little annoying, but if you can get past his constant douche-chill inducing coffee references and hipster persona, there are some golden nuggets of advice in his videos.


Karl Taylor:  This guys gives very in-depth tutorials on everything imaginable related to photography.  He’s got a paid program that he sells, but users can still get a lot of good information from his YouTube videos.  


PH Learn:  Everything you would ever want to learn about Photoshop is covered here.  Hence the name…  This is an excellent resource with plenty of freebies available, plus paid tutorials that cover everything from retouching to advanced composites.  


Joey Wright:  There’s only one free video he’s got on YouTube through Fstoppers, but it’s very useful because he basically lays out his entire editing process.  


This site goes really in-depth tutorials and tips on almost anything related to photography. There's loads of highly-skilled photographers willing to share inspiration and advice.  There’s groups for specific types of photography, courses to purchase.  It’s really a one stop shop for everything.   



Find a successful photographer in your hometown and ask if you can assist them for free.  Try to learn as much as possible from them.


If there’s nobody willing to let you assist them, then consider attending a workshop.  They can be a bit pricey, but if the photographer isn’t a hack, it’ll prove to be worth it.  


Simply going on photowalks or just exploring with other photographers is a great way to network and learn a few things.  You’d be surprised how just one connection could alter the course of your life.

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