You Took A Good Photo, Now What?


At the end of the long process of taking and editing a nice photo, or a set of photos.  What comes next?  Here’s a few suggestions on what you can do (besides put it online).  


Print Them


Who the hell buys prints these days?  Maybe you do, but I’ve never bought a print in my life.  

I also don’t have a permanent home though, so maybe I’m different.  Anyway, here’s some places to consider using Nations Photo Lab.  They seem to have a good reputation.  


Create Merchandise


These sites all let you create merchandise.  They’ve each got their differences, but they’re essentially the same.  Check them out for yourself to see which one best fits your needs:

Red Bubble

Society 6

Cafe Press

Rage On


Create Postcards, Magazines, or Books


Lucid Press A subscription service that lets you create magazines, postcards, e-books, and more.  This site makes publishing super easy.  You’ve gotta print it yourself though.

BlurbThis company lets you create a books straight out of lightroom.  If you are willing to pay a premium, they’ll even help you hire a designer for it.  


Hold An Exhibition or Gallery


You don’t have to get in with the local art curator to get an exhibition going.  You can if you want, but if you’re just starting out then a coffee shop might suffice.  Or for starters, just try getting a few business owners to hang your work up in their shops.  

Do Nothing

We can’t take any of this shit with us.  So sometimes the best thing to do is just look at what you’ve made, soak it in, and then move onto the next thing.  Everything in life is fleeting.  Just try to enjoy the experience you had learning and creating.  


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