CJayride: The Howard Stern Of Twitch

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I had been following CJayride on Twitch on and off ever since I first heard about him on the Taiwanese fake news.  Recently we met up and I showed him a few cool spots in Taipei.

This was after we had a discussion on Reddit where I gave my thoughts on his current situation.  I tried to play devil's advocate and take on the view of the 'average' person (since I am not).  I tried to demonstrate how he might be perceived by reasonable people who don't really follow him and may be susceptible to negative influence from the press.

But at the same time I wanted to let him know that despite the bashing in the news, he shouldn't waver.  Because he did nothing wrong.  And while he may have a bit of a public opinion problem in Taiwan, after watching a few of his streams, it became clear to me that CJ is not the person that the media would have us believe he is.  

He's a nice guy who works hard and has good intentions.  His streams are funny, unique, and honest.  Plus he's got a loyal fan base that would follow him into the depths of hell.  He's the Howard Stern of Twitch.

So with the negative press blowing over, and CJ continuing onto what I believe will be an upswing, I wanted to give him and his viewers a look at some lesser-known places I enjoy in Taipei.

Scooter Waterfall


I've visited this place a few times in the past, but I don't think this place is well-known among foreign tourists.  It should be.

Every single morning as scooters ride from New Taipei City into Taipei they pile up here in what ends up being an endless cascade of metal, fumes, and deafening noise.  It's both fascinating and terrifying.



H&M Rooftop


This place is known among nearly every photographer in Taipei, but the public doesn't really now about it or its ease of access.  So I decided to take CJ up here and then play a little prank on his viewers. 😂

Shortly after that we got kicked out.


Watch the clip!

Guting Rooftop


Immortal Rock Trail


The last spot we hit up for the day was an epic hiking trail that almost nobody knows about.  Everybody I've taken up here has been shocked at both the view and the fact that they didn't know about this place.

It's a great spot day or night.  I recommend it over Elephant Mountain.

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In total we spent about 6 hours streaming to his viewers, and that's about average for what CJ does every day.  CJ is a great example of a creative person with great work ethic.

It was a really cool experience for me.  At times it was almost surreal because in reality we were just two people hanging out, but because we were on the stream with his fans it felt like were were in a room full of people.

I think that CJ inspires me as an artist in multiple ways.  

Firstly, he's a great example of what building a great community can result in.  He's got people all over the world who serve as mods and help out the stream in numerous ways.  In return he gives them his all.  He toughs it out rain or shine and does his stream like it's a 9-5 job.  I doubt that he would continue to have that motivation if it weren't for his awesome fans and the support he gets from them.

Secondly, he made a leap of faith.  He's risked basically everything to do what he does.  At times it's been very rough for him.  In recent months even the safety of his family was jeopardy because of the targeted harassment towards him.  I think that being an artist requires a true leap of faith that many people are unwilling to take.  So to see somebody take that leap, suffer for it, and come out alive is truly inspiring.

Finally, he's found a way to monetize that is actually fun for viewers.  A lot of artists have trouble monetizing because the truth is that 99% of people simply don't want to pay for art.  When people support CJ, it's both fun and fulfilling for them.  They get to play a song on his stream, have a message read, or even have their name written on his helmet.  

I think that if more artists found ways to monetize that made it fun for people, there wouldn't be so many 'starving artists.'  A lot of what artists do essentially looks like begging for money, or selling products for way more than they're really worth.

~ Thanks for reading.